Development of core technology for the quantum cryptography

Quantum cryptography is a one of the most promising fields in the information security industries using characteristics of quantum mechanics.


In quantum cryptography, the basic unit is called qubit which practically realized with a photon with encoded information bit. Due to several special properties of qubit and quantum mechanics, quantum cryptography technology theoretically guarantees unconditional secure communication. That’s why this field is spotlighted as a potential big thing that can make paradigm shift of future information industries.


CANE lab’s main interest in quantum cryptography is developing new protocols for different practical conditions including Passive Optical Network environment. Moreover, theoretical analysis toward security proof of diverse quantum cryptography protocols are conducted to get insight for developing next generation unconditional quantum cryptography protocols.

CANE lab does a related project with ministry of Science, ICT from 2014.4.1. This project focuses on development of original, core, and commercial technology for quantum cryptography. Corresponding researches are presented below:


  • Development of original technology for next generation Passive Optical Network (PON) quantum cryptography guaranteeing unconditional security.

    • Development of efficient protocol for PON quantum cryptography

    • Construction of test bed for PON quantum cryptography

    • Development of low price solution for component used in PON quantum cryptography

  • Development of next generation quantum cryptography protocol

    • Multi-qubit protocol guaranteeing higher security.

  • Development of component and core technology for PON quantum cryptography

    • Stabilizing detection of single qubit

    • Development of commercial solution for PON quantum cryptography based on compatibility with PON