Networked buffer and cache based optical flow switching research for Tera-bit scale contents delivery

Rapid content traffic increase, which repeatedly transports named data in giga-byte sizes, demands billion dollars of network investment annually. Fast dynamic circuit networking with content buffering and caching can achieve optimal capacity of combined OFS and DTN, and optimal optical layer of smart networks and CCN. Additionally, all-optical superchannel networking will be developed for 100-times greater internet traffic in 10 years, which is a national concern of the internet.

In case of Tera-bit contents file streaming or transport, circuit switching is more efficient solution than state-of-the-art IP layer transport. OFS circuit switching technology is one of promising candidates in this case. However, due to the lack of buffering capacity, current OFS technology may suffer from blocking during end-to-end connection and overloaded. In order to solve the problem, this project research about 1) optical DTN inspired network distributed buffer based OFS, 2) Buffered OFS architecture optimization, and 3) Tera-bit contents network architectures. Networked cache can resolve the inefficiency of duplicated transport of huge size named data. Especially, cache function can be easily added-on at the buffered OFS. Accordingly, this project study about 4) Physical layer research for traffic reduction by network cache, 5) analyze the property of named data and algorithm for contents delivery algorithm with distributed cache management model, and 6) all optical OFDM based networking research. Named data stored in buffer has high potential to be used again in the future and it is needed to be individually managed based on its category. Therefore this project research about 7) cross-layer optimization between network distributed buffer and cache, 8) applicable network performance evaluation, and 9) superchannel based networking technology for Tera-byte scale contents networking.



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