Development of an NFV-inspired networked switch and an operating system for multi-middlebox services

By employing blackbox shaped devices there are many disadvantages. For instance, increase in dependency on vender, suppression of technological development, growth of expense and difficulties of technological diversification and network service customization have been the limitation of network device technology.

We are working on followings to break through the limitation; software based switching system using x86 hardware platform, hardware platform integrating server and switch fabric optimized to middlebox technology, switching system of one switch with many functions, switching system with horizontal scalability of cloud concept, middlebox OS with multi-core scalability, middlebox functions based on middlebox OS, SDN technology applied controller to administrate the middlebox service and open platform with open source code.

This project is combining three main concepts; Middlebox, SDN(Software-defined Network), NFV(Network function Virtualization) Each term has meaning as follows.

Middlebox: Network device that provides network functions more than packet forwarding

SDN: Technology to use fixed hardware switch with more flexibility. Software select the rule for the hardware and one controller could manage a number of hardware devices which makes it possible to maintain high performance with flexibility.

NFV: Functions like load balancer, proxy, IDS, firewall and etc. are virtualized into one module. In one device many functions could work simultaneously with connection.