CANE, the Pioneer of Scale-Free Autonomous Wireless Mesh Networks

Inspired from physics, a breakthrough in the area of field-based routing has been proposed and developed, which for the first time enables practical implementations. This autonomous load-balancing field-based anycast (ALFA) routing is optimized for a specialized communication pattern, anycast (one-to-one-of-many), to boost the benefits of wireless mesh networks. ALFA takes the superiority and overcomes the shortfalls of geographic routing and back-pressure routing: it utilizes only one-hop neighbor information for global network routing, hence, it is scale-free due to complexity of O(n0). With no flooding control overheads or gateway handshaking requirements, ALFA outperforms other routing protocols in terms of load balancing, path efficiency, fast failure recovery, and low control overheads. A campus-wide testbed for wireless mesh networking is being constructed for various experiments. At the same time, some theoretical verification such as optimization issue is actively being studied based on the key intuition from the experiments.


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