Researches at Communications And Networking Engineering Lab (CANE Lab) focuses in the three areas: Secure networking with quantum information system, the 5G mobile network solutions with content-aware mobile/wireless networking, and 5G front and backhaul networking with flexible and reliable SDN cloud networking solutions.

Quantum information researches focus on the development of novel but commercially applicable technology for the quantum cryptography to share critical information with a remote node unconditionally securely. As a long-term research goal, the research and development of the quantum information system has been initiated.

(Sponsor: MSIP, SKT; Collaborator: KRISS, HRF.)


    Wireless and mobile networking brings tremendous new opportunities to human beings, such as with 5G and IoT - Unmanaged manageability of wireless mesh and capacity optimality of D2D networking with multimedia and contents services will open up the unforeseen new opportunities, being pursued at us.

(Sponsor: LG Electronics; Collaborators: SKT, KUSTAR.)


    Networking solutions are advancing with more and more flexible resource management and reliable services for application networks - We study and develop truly optimal network designs and services in Tbps optical core networks and SDN networks, even under disaster.

(Sponsor: NRF, MSIP, HFR; Collaborator: PioLink, AttoResearch, NICT.)


    Our research projects in 2013-2014 include

• Quantum cryptography (QKD) for PON applications,

• Tera-bit-scale buffer and cache based optical flow switching,

• NFV-based network switch and an middle-box operating system, and

• Scale-free autonomous wireless mesh networks, including PAC and HEW networking technologies and networked speaker systems. 



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Patents (P)

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Awards (A)

[1]    K. Lee, The First Half 2008 BK21 Best Paper Award, Global IT Leader Education Program, Nov. 2008.

[2]    K. Lee, 2008 OIRC Best Paper Award, Optical Internet Research Center, Jan. 2009.