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QuIC (Quantum Information and Communications) lab!

A place where imagination can come true.


Our research focus is fused from two areas of study: quantum information and optical communications. Current efforts in quantum information include Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution (CV QKD), Quantum Machine Learning, and Optical Transmissions.

We are looking for passionate and creative students!

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Information

Wireless & Optical Communications


Quantum machine learning is a forward-looking fundamental research topic to break out the physical limits of artificial intelligence such as computing time and energy constraints. Many research groups have been reporting dramatic leaning performance gains by use of quantum algorithms as well as quantum accelerations in computation. QuIC is pursuing to find quantum algorithms for efficient machine learning that can potentially surpass the AI singularity, by speed up and by reduction in energy use, in the long term future.  

Collaborators: QuIC​S/UMD, QIPC/UKZN


Quantum Information Systems Information technology is rebirthing with a disruptive advancement - Quantum information system can solve NP-hard problems in polynomial times and share critical information with a remote node unconditionally securely. We study and develop new protocols and theories on quantum key distribution (QKD) with experimental demonstration.
Sponsor: MSIP; Collaborators: KRISS, HRF, SKT 

Wireless and optical networking bring tremendous new opportunities to the era of the 4th industrial revolution, such as  with 5G and IoT. QuICs has developed diverse applications which range from WiFi mesh networking and WiFi localization, all optical networking technologies to contents distribution networks. Current efforts are focused on WiFi localization (position detection) and low-cost broad bandwidth optical transmission technologies.
Sponsor: LG Electronics, MSIP, NRF; Collaborator: SKT, KUSTAR, HFR, PioLink, AttoResearch, KT, LGU+, NICT

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